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Freelance Web Design & Graphic Design solutions

Brad Vickers has over 12 years professional experience as a web designer, web developer and graphic designer, working in numerous industries including tourism, medical and music.

Gold Coast Web Designer & Developer

Brad Vickers has worked in the graphic design industry for over 12 years and in that time has done everything from business cards and brochures to large-format signwriting and bus wraps. Over the last 6 years, Brad has focused on the growing industry of website design and development. He is available for freelance work, and has particular strength and experience in the following areas:

  • Graphic design (print and digital design) for any scale
  • Website and UX design geared towards customer conversion
  • Responsive website development (Wordpress & Drupal platforms)

Brad has a Bachelor of Design degree from Unitec in Auckland, and currently lives on the Gold Coast, QLD.


Brad's websites are built to meet current best-practice standards so that they are fast, functional and built with the future in mind.

Responsive Design

Your website should be easy to read and navigate on all devices from smartphones to smart TVs

Search Engine Optimisation

Your site needs to comply to certain formatting standards in order for Google to read it correctly

Track Conversions

With analytics, you'll know exactly how many monthly visitors you have and the number that convert to customers.

Performance Boost

A slow website can lead to reduced Google rankings, and frustrating user experience.

Easy to Edit

Your website should be easy to edit and update to cut down ongoing costs.

Custom Built

Avoid third party themes and janky plugins. All themes are 100% custom built and only reliable plugins are used.

Pick a Platform

While the CMS of choice for most is Wordpress, I also have extensive experience working with Drupal 7

API Integration

Need to display data such as reviews/listings from a third-party service?